Furness Supply recognises the need to provide professional advice and services to ensure that all nutrients required for animal grown and welfare are met.  We are able to discuss your animal feed requirements and arrange bespoke rations.  We will take into consideration your management plan in order to create a cost effective, balanced ration to ensure maximum performance as Nutrition is a fundamental aspect to livestock production.


Furness Supply strongly advises Soil Sampling and Slurry Sampling. These are used to help analyse the fertiliser requirements of individual farms to ensure you obtain maximum yields. Our representatives are able to come to farm and take samples which will then be submitted to the laboratory.  An analysis will highlight the levels of phosphorus, potash, pH, calcium and magnesium levels which enable our advisors to the determine the fertiliser requirements of your farm.


Furness Supply makes ordering Ear Tags simple for you. We can order your Cattle, Sheep, Pig tags and more.  All we ask is that customers are ready with their CPH number, Herd number, Single/Double tag, Slaughter tag/Breeding tag, Replacement tag and colour if applicable.  All Ear Tags will be delivered directly to you. Replacement Tags usually take 24-48 hours but please allow 7 working days when ordering a new batch of tags.  Next day deliveries can be arranged but will occur extra postal charges.  Please contact one of the team to place your Ear Tag order.


Furness Supply can provide agronomy advice as well as a range of services.  We are here to discuss the best ways to optimise crop performance and crop protection throughout the growing season.